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With over 75 years of experience, Hawkins is one of New Zealand’s leading construction teams delivering large-scale projects across the country. Investing in innovative construction technology has been essential in their success of delivering large, complex projects for the likes of The University of Auckland, Auckland International Airport, Precinct Properties, Tainui Group Holdings, and much more.

Auckland, New Zealand

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Commercial Construction, Public, Tourism & Leisure, Education, Residential Buildings, Healthcare, Sport & Recreation, Retail

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Hawkins partners with Timescapes to deliver real-time visual data on height key projects throughout New Zealand

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I’m personally a big user of the system. I can look at the progress sites are making on a daily basis, or use in meetings, which means I can be more efficient.

Craig Treloar | GM Building Projects | Hawkins

What’s really empowering for our teams is the ability to communicate specific activities happening that day, and what risks are involved. Timescapes has also been great to use with our clients meetings and to talk about real-time progress.

How Timescapes is helping Hawkins

Improved communication within project teams

Happier, more informed clients and stakeholders

Enhanced connectedness and transparency

Better marketing and promotional resources

Timescapes allows me to have a better connection with my head office and my client into the project. So they're able to see progress being made in real-time, project milestones being met, and understand more about the complexities of the project.

Give your team access to real-time project critical visual data