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A changing industry

The need for new infrastructure and housing has never been greater, but what used to work in construction no longer does.

Autonomy represents an opportunity to put new tools in the hands of skilled construction professionals to make their lives easier, and accelerate construction with the digital technology that has revolutionised manufacturing, agriculture, and other industries. At the same time, new tools will attract new talent, and connect remote employees and site workers using an arsenal of smart devices connected to real time project data.

Timescapes captures and documents change in ways never before possible.

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Our construction partners have been at the forefront of adopting advanced technologies on their job sites. They are keenly aware that their future growth depends on rethinking not only how they build but how they collaborate and communicate. By adopting Timescapes autonomous technologies, they have seen their productivity increase while bringing down their project costs - its really transforming the way they do business.

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Doesn’t matter whether you're on site or at the office, access your site remotely and increase visibility across all your projects on one single platform, driving collaboration and communication.

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We actively listen to our clients and prioritise features that they need, so our platform is constantly evolving with our client’s needs.

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The beauty of our platform is that it’s a single source of truth, providing evidence to support or counteract variation disputes.

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We’ve set the bar in the construction industry, a platform that is intuitive with a seamless user experience.

We support Mates in Construction, a non-profit industry funded organisation, providing suicide prevention workplace training and ongoing support to our construction workers.

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