Mattamy Homes creates amazing homeowner experiences and reduced customer care calls by 80%

Discover how Timescapes construction timelapse technology helped the largest privately-owned homebuilder in North America deliver on its core objective: providing the best homeowner experience.

The customer care team at Mattamy Homes was facing a common challenge to residential developers: call volume from excited homeowners. Not only was the sheer number of calls overwhelming, but there was also a negative effect to the construction teams on the ground as the constant back and forth communication with the customer care team was disruptive and costly.

Since engaging Timescapes, Mattamy Homes has experienced an 80% reduction in customer care inquiries as homeowners can get real-time visual updates on their development. In addition, the team at Mattamy discovered that the advantages of Timescapes extend beyond simplifying customer interactions. What began as a solution to one challenge turned into an opportunity to optimize various processes throughout the business.

Check out this case study and discover how timelapse and job site analytics technology has helped Mattamy Homes:

  • improve project oversight with a digital paper trail
  • elevate its customer care experience
  • plan future construction schedules with detailed historical records
  • modernize construction processes and enable faster decision-making

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See Timescapes in Action

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