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Our team is transforming the construction industry by providing real-time data to streamline project communication and help companies run more efficiently.

The challenge we’re solving

Visual data plays a critical role in construction, yet a significant amount of daily activity on construction sites remains undocumented and unanalysed. This leads to a loss of valuable information that could help improve processes, enhance schedules, and drive efficiencies in construction.

Enter Timescapes — a visual intelligence platform for remote construction monitoring.

Where it all began

Timescapes founders recognized the value visual data could bring to the construction sector.

They combined their experience in large-scale infrastructure projects and technology development with their love of photography to completely revolutionise the way project teams conduct site visits.

The team built a powerful platform that enables project stakeholders to visit sites remotely, in real time, cutting down on site travel and providing detailed analytics about site activity. Off-the-shelf cameras were hampering the platform’s full potential — so the team designed its own! Timescapes cameras meet the unique demands of a construction environment and are fully integrated with our cutting-edge software.

From civil projects to residential and commercial jobsites, Timescapes enables site visits at the touch of a button, from anywhere, and its visual AI engine delivers real-time data and analytics to construction project stakeholders at the click of a button.

TIMESCAPES leadership

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OUR values

What we believe in


The greater our awareness, the better our decisions. We work with intent and have a clear direction in mind to lead a new era in construction technology.


We are innately curious and learn rapidly and eagerly. We search for new ways of doing things that allow our customers to run their projects and businesses more effectively.


We build reliable solutions, and we deliver them in an accurate and timely manner. We always see a job through to completion.


We go above and beyond to support our customers and help them be more successful every day.

Timescapes’ visual intelligence technology is quickly becoming the standard on all top construction sites across New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.


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