frequently asked questions

What cameras do you use?

All of our systems use DSLR cameras, these are great for capturing high quality, high resolution images of your site. It's like having a professional photographer, perched up a pole, snapping away all day, every day.

Do the cameras require connection to mains power?

Not at all! Our cameras are most often powered from the sun, so a connection to mains power isn't needed. The cameras also have internal batteries that can last up to two weeks without charge!


Do the cameras require an internet connection?

All of our cameras connect over a 3/4G connection so you don't need to worry about getting internet to the camera, we have it covered.

Where can the cameras be installed?

As part of our service, we will discuss with you the best location to install the camera's. This may be on a nearby building rooftop, a lamp pole or one of our free standing camera poles. Either way once we have all decided the best spot, we take care of the rest.

How frequently do the cameras take photos?

It really depends on your unique project requirements but most of our cameras capture images between 10 to 15 minutes during daylight hours, we do however have a few projects operating as frequent as every 5 minutes - thats around 150 images a day!

How can I view the images?

Once the camera has been installed and is up and running, you can view the full collection of images either on your computer via Timescapes web based Image Viewer or on your mobile device using either the iOS or Android App.

How long does it take until I can view the images on the viewer?

Images typically appear in the image viewer less than a minute after they were captured but this can be affected by reception quality in your project area.

Can I download the images?

Of course! You can download and share any image thats been taken since the start of your project in full resolution. This is great for using in project updates, marketing material or a roadside billboard.

What about time-lapse videos?

You can view and download an automated timelapse of the past 24 hrs, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days and the Full project. This is also great for communicating your projects progress and keeping everyone in the loop. Alternatively you can request a full production time-lapse from our team which will include custom banners and soundtrack

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