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The largest privately owned homebuilder in North America, Mattamy Homes is ranked in the top 25 builders in the United States and is Canada’s largest residential home builder. Mattamy’s projects continue to set the standard for excellence and innovation.

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Mattamy Homes delights homeowners with real-time updates, reducing customer enquiries by 80%

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People are looking for information quicker than ever before, they want to be able to access information when they want it. Timescapes provides a way for homeowners to take a quick look at what’s going on.

David DeKort | Director of Operations | Mattamy Homes

Key wins for Mattamy Homes since engaging Timescapes

Access to real-time information

Both the Mattamy team and their homeowners have access to project information whenever they need it.

80% reduction in customer enquiries

As a result, the Mattamy Homes customer care team no longer needs to contact the project managers for progress updates.

One consistent reference point

The Mattamy team can view historical data on each project to learn from and plan future builds.

From high call volumes to happier homeowners

Before engaging Timescapes in 2019, the customer care team was experiencing significant call volumes from homeowners enquiring after the status of their build. There was constant communication back and forth between the customer care team and the construction team to find and relay the most up-to-date information. Since engaging Timescapes, there’s been an 80% reduction in customer care enquiries. Timescapes makes it easier for homeowners to access information when they need it, saving time for both the customer care team and the construction team, resulting in happier homeowners and greater project efficiency.

In my opinion, the camera is always going to be way better at capturing information than what you can normally record. The story is always there for you to go back and review on the platform. You can see what the weather was like, what kind of challenges you had on certain days, and even drill down to what caused delays. You can record the history of a site as it goes up and then learn from that and improve on your scheduling for your future sites. Where else could you get that sort of consistent historical data, across so many diverse projects?

Smarter technology supports future success

In addition to providing timely information to their homeowners, David and the Mid-Rise team at Mattamy Homes were also looking for ways to use technology to increase visibility on their construction projects. They wanted to improve the productivity, efficiency and planning of future builds. Before Timescapes, the team had been using security cameras for tracking progress, but these were unable to provide a wide vantage point, which made it difficult to gather information on daily progress. Unlike security cameras, Timescapes’ intelligent camera is installed onto a fixed position that provides a wide vantage point of the daily data captured on construction progress. Timescapes provides one consistent reference point to view historical information to learn from and plan future builds.

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